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Our Virtual Assistants

Fluent English

Our Virtual Assistants' English is screened before hiring. Ensuring your callers are able to communicate perfectly over the phone.



We train our callers on every aspect of the real estate business, and we ensure their soft skills are on par to handle any difficult scenarios.



Our team is capable of managing, monitoring, and coaching your Virtual Assistants. Ensuring you maximize the use of your leads.


Quality Assurance

Quality is our #1 factor in satisfying our clients. You don't have to spend money on qualifying leads or training a team to do that for you. Our Quality Assurance team can take care of that.

?Why Rapid Generation

Quality Assurance

Training and monitoring local callers can definitely be a taxing matter, financially and mentally. We make sure our quality team is communicating progress and reports on a daily basis, also ensuring any updates for your campaign is implemented on the spot.

Daily & Monthly Progress Reports

Growing your business is very tricky, unless you're able to keep track of everything. To ensure efficiency and scalability, we make sure to keep you on top of your callers by sending daily reports on their KPIs, as well as their performance, so you're able to measure your progress easily.

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